Why Pakistan: Visit and find your own answers

Foreign tourists may have some obscure impressions that it’s a troubled country tormented by terrorist acts and Islam phobia. No doubt Pakistan is suffering from external and internal violence but not to a great extent; every country has its issues and same with Pakistan.  Nothing to worry about security, one can travel all alone; state also provides protection to foreign guests. However a sensible tour plan is a must, by the time one used to be getting ready to Pakistan; one must acquire more information regarding the country and her history and its individuals.

I would not say that Pakistan is a heavenly tourist destination but the country has million things to offer. Pakistan is a phenomenal country, vast with eye-catching scenery, culture and delightful food. It is bursting of stunning places, packed with foliage, gigantic mountains flowing spectacular rivers and fabulous lakes. Moreover she is blessed with varied beautiful expressions of nature starting from enormous glaciers, lush green valleys, striking aquatic demonstrations, dry and ancient deserts. Country is quite safe to travel apart from some parts like FATA and Balochistan.


All five provinces of Pakistan have its landscape distinctiveness: from rugged mountains to lush green fields, from deserts to rivers, from lakes to seashores, hospitable and friendly people, thus make it a terminus for those having diverse tastes.  Pakistan is the only country on earth where three mighty mountain ranges meet- the Karakoram, the Hindu Kush and the Himalayas. Karakoram Highway, the highest paved international road is in Pakistan. The world second highest peak the K2, second highest plateau the Deosai, the world coldest desert, world oldest civilization the Indus Civilization, Kailashi people – the decedents of Alexender Army are a few examples, the beating retreat ceremony at Wagah Lahore. This region is also called the third pole because of massive concentration of glaciers.


















If you want to experience the magic of mountains and the Mughal majesty go ahead for a trip to Pakistan. Thousands of individuals travel to countries that people see insecure, majority of Pakistanis are peace loving and good human beings but the choice is yours.

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