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Pakistan is a marvelous land! It is a nation with rich history and cultural heritage. The world’s earliest human settlements, the colossal ancient Indus Valley Civilization,cauldron of old realms, cultures and religion nestled in this land. It is surrounded by China in the North, Afghanistan and Iran in the West and India in the East. Arabian Sea lies to its South with 1000 KM long coastline with captivating beaches and in the North lies the great silk route.Nature has blessed Pakistan with unique landscape comprising high mountains, alpine pastures, gigantic rivers, plateau, plains, deserts and the luring sunny beaches are all found here.

The mighty ranges, Karakoram, the Himalayas and the Hindukush make a rendezvous in Northern and North Western regions of Pakistan. The country is one of the ideal places for mountaineering, attracting mountaineers from all over the world to come and visit Pakistan and conquer some of the most dangerous and exhilarating peaks of the world.

Pakistan Mountain News intends to serve mountain lovers all over the globe to know about the beauty of Pakistan’s mountains, culture and tourism.

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