Reaching the second highest point at K2 in winters

In a recent blog at urubko-8000new.blogspot, Denis Urubko recalls the recent tough journey by him and his colleague Adam during the recent ascent to an altitude of 7400 meters at K2.

Points: green – bivy on 7200, red – recognition till 7400, yellow – planning C4
Photo by Denis Urubko

Urubko seems satisfied by the ropes used by the expeditions in last summer and termed them qualitative with just some necessary knots.

Photo by Denis Urubko

Denis recalls that how getting an altitude of 7400 provided them so much unprecedented warmth and pleasure. From that point they made the assessment of the route till camp 4. There he told Adam, “ Just imagine, only five people have ever touched this height in winters; you, Velitsky, Marcin, Petrek Morawski and I managed to be here once again”.

Glowing Majestic Broad Peak at sunset

Photo by Denis Urubko

The icy winds, freezing temperature and dehydration made them fully tired extremely exhausted and it’s very comforting to get into warm sleeping bags, Polish expedition facilities and Pakistan cuisine at base camp.

Photo by Denis Urubko

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