Denis Urubko left alone for the summit attack

The press office of the Polish expedition communicated that Denis Urubko left the base camp this morning to try summit. The Polish expedition team referred this shocking act of Urubko as his own personal initiative and even he did not inform the management of the expedition.
Several times earlier Urubko criticized management for opting the Basque route and slowness of the actions and he expressed his thoughts that according to him the end of winter expedition is 28th of February, though the team has time till 20th of March.
It is worrying that will he be able to do this herculean task alone; there can be so many challenges ahead including his body status, bad weather, the chimney, pyramids and the bottleneck. In his last blog Denis wrote:
“My body is emaciated. There is still energy in the muscles for a final attempt towards the summit, but it is an energy that does not warm me up. According to a popular saying, they are skinny as a bicycle”.
Expedition management certainly would not be happy about this; the Expedition is working according to the plans, which foresee a summit attempt in early March.
Today, Maciej Bedrejczuk and Marcin Kaczkan reached camp 1 and tomorrow they will try to reach camp 2 at an altitude of 6500 to 6700 meters. Marek Chmielarski and Arthur Małek are supposed to leave tomorrow from base camp, targeting camp 3 (7200 m) for the sake of acclimatization.
Picture by Denis Urubko

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