Solo summit by warrior on K2

It has been mountaineers’ dream to succeed in climbing Karakoram in winters, where the weather is extreme, the slopes are steeper and the mountains are more muscular than 8000ers in Nepal( all of which have been summited in winter). The top of K2 can be described as a separate mountain on an 8000 m mountain (600 meters from camp 4), that make this pyramid a beauty and a strong desire.
The decision of Urubko can be debatable over rationality, risks involved and morality. He abandoned his fellow climbers and putting his own life at risk as well, the route above camp 3 is not equipped though there are the ropes in good condition from the 2017 summer expeditions.
The big obstacle remained always at K2 is the STRONG WINDS, according to Mountain Forecast, tomorrow is day with weaker winds but not so much. Some sources claim about him at camp 2 ( no confirmation) but he needs to be very fast to exploit tomorrow’s favourable window; will he make it… a big question ?
Apart from all, Urubko deserves honour, he came to this place only with this objective and he is not turning his back from K2. The inclusion of Urubko in expedition was a high desire of Krzysztof Wielicki because everyone knows the strengths of him. Denis Urubko has always defended that the winter begins on December 1 and ends on February 28.
Picture by Denis Urubko

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