Denis back to Camp 2

The entire mountaineering world wondering what Denis is upto, his current location and future course of action. The press office of Polish K2 Winter expedition just released the news that Denis is back to camp 2 and he will proceed further down. He spent the last night somewhere at Camp 3. It’s still unknown about his retreat back to camp 2; most probably bad weather and strong winds halted his way towards camp 4. Currently, three different teams from Polish expedition are on the walls of K2 for acclimatization, and logistics;

1. Maciej Bedrejczuk and Marcin Kaczkan are heading towards C3
2. Marek Chmielarski and Artur Małek are on their way to C2
3. Pakistani climbers/HAPs are also on move.

Courtesy: Polski Himalaizm Zimowy 2016-2020 im.

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