Denis Urubko RESIGNS from the K2 Winter Expedition

As it was evident about the Winter Expedition criteria of dates and strong criticism from the expedition leader, he resighned from the winter expedition and it has been accepted. Currently Urubko is in base camp.

According to Polish K2 expedition press release, “Denis Urubko, according to his convictions regarding the end of the winter season, decided to leave the Winter Expedition on K2. This decision was accepted by the participants of the expedition, who did not see any further possibility of cooperation with Denis after his independent attempt to get to the top”.

The winter expedition dates have been under debate since years, the mountaineer like Denis Urubko who always insisted that to him the winter season for climbing is from December to February. This reason compelled the Russian-Polish climber to try solo on K2 as for the rest of expedition it is 20th of March.
The leader of the expedition Krzysztof Wielicki was not happy with Urubko’s act, according to him Urubko broke so many rules and I expect his resignation.

Earlier Adam Bielecki expresses his feelings of uneasiness about Denis solo attempt, “He (Urubko) proposed a joint summit attempt but I suggested to rest and wait for good weather”. Adam-Urubko the famous pair of K2 Polish expedition, the pair who was in the Nanga Parbat rescue mission and then a mammoth climb up to 7400 meters at K2.

The weather forecast shows a good weather window in first week of March, particularly 4th March and onward.

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