Denis Urubko satisfied with his decision

“I took the top attack and I’m really satisfied. Without that I would be furious. I have nothing to apologize for,” Denis Urubko told journalist Robert Jalocha of TVN24. The climber admitted the summit attack was not possible due to terrible weather conditions.

According to Denis, he returned from 7600 meters because of risky situation, a lot of snow and very limited visibility.

Denis started his solo journey towards top of K2 last Saturday; the end of February is the end of winter season, according to his belief.

Urbuko does not feel guilt at all and he is not going to apologize, earlier in his blogs he criticized so many times the expedition leader Wielicki’s sluggishness and the choice of Basque route. Denis further said:
“I do not think I have to apologize. They are not angels either. Everyone on this expedition ignored me. They made decisions without me. Wielicki allowed me to go up to camp 3 but then he told me to return for reasons I do not know. It is true that we are men, Himalayians. This is not a situation to ask for forgiveness. Nobody has apologized for their mistakes. My opinion is still the same”.

Wielicki in an interview with the reporter of TVN Robert Jałocha, said that even if Urubko did not decide to leave, he would probably have been sent home. He further added that the team did not want him.
Picture from Denis Urubko fans page

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