The Sad End of Everest Winter Expedition

Alex Txikon on 28th February, 2018 today announced THE END of Everest Winter Expedition.

“After thinking a lot and doing everything that is in our hands to follow our dreams, we decided to bring the expedition of winter Everest without artificial oxygen 2018 to an end” quoted by Alex Txikon today.

The Everest Winter Expedition (with out artificial oxygen) started in December 2017 by Alex and his team. The team were quite confident and courageous throughout the expedition as they reached upto 7800 asl between camp 3 and camp 4. However, the killing weather did not allow this expedition to its expected conclusion. During all ups and down, the team Alex remained committed to summit first ever Everest Winter Expedition without artificial oxygen but the Himayalan Giant has its own will as the weather would remain unfavorable till the mid of March 2018.

While expressing his feelings the veteran mountaineer said “Feeling sad but at the same time proud of all the work everyone has done, equipping the whole mountain in extreme conditions, we left behind Everest Base Camp which has been our home the whole winter.”

Courtesy: Alex Txikon

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