The tale of first ever winter attempt to K2 by Polish

A spectacular and historic documentary and the book about first ever winter attempt to K2 by Polish are going to be launched in several cities of Poland. This expedition was led by Andrzej Zawada, a noted Polish climber, who brought the revolution in climbing through pioneering winter expedition at world’s highest mountains which were only attempted in summers before.

Dariusz Załuski, a Polish mountaineer, author, script writer and director of several mountain films is the man behind this endeavor. He brought unseen video shots of 1987/88 K2 attempt by Polish in winters, voice recordings and the photographs of the expedition led by Andrzej Zawada. The expedition faced the extreme exhausting conditions including deadly hurricane, coldest of cold, wind storms and frostbite.

After first ever successful winter ascent on Mount Everest in 1980, K2 became the dream of Andrzej Zawada despite of technical difficulties, long and exhaustive trekking route to base camp, enormous funds requirement, permission from Pakistani authorities and lack of information about winter conditions. Such complex mountaineering operation mad it more challenging than ascent to Everest.

It took five long years in preparation and inclusion of mountaineers from other countries including Canada and Great Britain; Andrzej Zawada proved that reaching K2 in winters in possible. The expedition lasted for 7 months with 14 tons of luggage, 700 porters, 15 climbers and 33 crew members.

On 2nd March, Wielicki and Cichy reached the highest point at 7300 meters and set up camp 3 there, Andrzej Zawada concluded the expedition saying, “We were unable to enter K2. But we do not have regrets because we did everything we could do in these inhuman conditions”.

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