K2 remains unconquered

The Polish winter expedition team at K2 announced to end the winter conquest expedition of the summit of K2.

Multiple reasons especially bad weather forced the team to abandon the summit attempt; Wielicki mentioned in his announcement, “Based on an in-depth analysis of the situation and following a consultation with the team, I decided today to end the action on K2. The decision is due to the following factors:

  1. Result of reconnaissance team Adam Bielecki and janusz pigeon today. It turns out that on the road to C1 all ropes are blocked, the tent at the base is damaged, there is also a high likelihood of destruction of C1, C2 and C3 camps.
  2. WEATHER FORECAST THAT CONFIRMS ONLY 1 short weather window approx 11.03.2018
  3. No possibility of acclimatization min. 1th team at the height. 7200 M, who would have made it back to base for a peak attack on 11.03
  4. Threat of avalanche in the upper road. IN THE LAST 8 days, we have recorded over 80 inches of snow.
  5. Warning from the portal with heavy rainfall at height. 7600 m
  6. Bad forecasts for the period after 11.03.2018

The priority of the expedition is the safety of the participants.






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