Denis Urubko Arrives in Islamabad

After months long adventurous and lethal K2 Winter Expedition, Denis Urubko today arrives in Islamabad International Airport. He will try to catch next available flight.

Around three months earlier K2 Winter Expedition 2017-18 kick started with all zeal and zest. The climbers have been through lethal weather throughout the expedition however managed to get upto the camp-3.

While waiting so long for weather to get tamed and start further ascend, Denis, one of the climbers abandoned his fellow climbers and putting his own life at risk, started solo attempt towards camp-4 as his companions were of the view that weather was still not favorable for this stunt. The entire mountaineering world wondering what Denis was upto. Subsequently the press office of Polish K2 Winter expedition just released the news that Denis was back to camp 2 and he will proceed further down as most probably the bad weather and strong winds halted his way towards camp 4. Later on he resigned from Winter Expedition.

Picture by: Karim Shah Nizari

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