Little Karim undergoes a medical examination in Spain

The most famous Pakistani high altitude porter and climber Abdul Karim known as little Karim has undergone a medical examination at the MAZ Hospital in Zaragoza, Spain for general medical examination, a digestive check and an exercise test.

Now retired from the great summits, the Pakistani climber Little Karim, has undergone a medical examination at the MAZ Zaragoza Hospital, a reference center chosen by mountaineers for the treatment of freezing and damage caused by altitude. The medical examinations have been coordinated by Dr. Ricardo Arregui, neurosurgeon of the center and specialist in the treatment of altitude damages.

Dr. Arregui, who has described the work as “special”, since he has been able to examine a mythical man, one of the great high-altitude porters of Karakoram and Himalayas.

Little Karim went through several tests to know about the aerobic functional capacity of the lungs, a very important examination for those working in high altitude areas, in addition to other cardiac examinations by  by Dr. Luis Placer.

Little Abdul Karim, accompanied by his son, wanted to thank the kindness of the doctors of the MAZ Hospital, a reference in Spain in damages of this type, where climbers have recovered like Juanito Oiarzábal, Edurne Pasaban, Alberto Iñurrategi or Alex Txikon, with Dr. Arregui.

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