Majestic Rakaposhi

Rakaposhi (7788 m) is the most visible highest peak of Karakoram Range in Pakistan and one of the magnificent product of Mother Nature. The shining walls of Dumani accompanies travelers of the greatest road ever constructed, The Karakoram Highway.

The peak is located in Nagar valley of Gilgit Baltistan, once an independent Kingdom, full of environmental and cultural richness. In altitude the mountain ranks 27th in the world but certainly ranks top in beauty.

Rakaposhi massif is an awfully broad mountain, approximately 20 km from east to west. Rakaposhi is notable for its exceptional rise over local terrain; the only peak on the planet Earth that drops uninterruptedly and directly for 6000 meters from top to the base.

Rakaposhi range holds significant interest for biologists, glaciologists and geologists as it is the home of endangered floral and faunal species, several glaciers around and prow of the Eurasian land mass.

Many mountaineers have dreamed of climbing Rakaposhi, just a few reached the summit. The mountain remains unclimbed since last two decades. William Martin Conway, a British art critic was the first one who tried to explore its southern slopes in 1896 but unable to find any easy access. After six unsuccessful expeditions, the peak was first ever climbed by British Navy Captain Mike Banks and Lieutenant Tom Patey in 1958 without the use of supplement oxygen via SW Spur. The cold weather had taken its effects both climbers suffered frostbite in their hands and feet. Till to date there have been only eight ascents via three routes and the latest one was by an Iranian team in 1997.

Pictures by Jabran Umar

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