Ski lift incident leaves eight people injured in Gudauri, Georgia

A ski-lift accident in Georgia’s eastern Gudauri resort has left 8 people with minor injuries.  No fatalities have been recorded.

Injured people were immediately transported to the local hospital but fortunately most of the affected individuals have received light injuries. Among the injured are the citizens of Sweden and Ukraine.

Only two cases need to be observed. One of the injured, a citizen of Ukraine,  has broken a hand during the incident, and has a light injury on the head, while another, a citizen of Sweden, is pregnant and feels pain in the waist.

The exact reason for the ski-lift incident has yet to be found. Officials have already contacted the ski-lift producer, Austrian Doppelmayr Garaventa group for them to react to the incident immediately and send experts to clarify the reasons for the malfunction.

It is speculated that the culprit may have been a voltage fluctuation or brake issues.

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