Fredrik Sträng announced to climb Broad Peak ( 8047 m ) in this summer

Swedish climber Fredrik Sträng announced his third climbing attempt for Broad Peak (8047 m) in this summer. He ealier attempted the peak in 2012 and in 2017 but could not reach the summit due to poor visibility.

Thoday through his facebook he announced to give one another attempt to Broad Peak;

“Ernestas Marksaitis and I made an attempt in 2012 on Broad Peak. Too bad weather with me once going from BC to C-3 alone in up to waste deep snow was enough for me. I had it. I went back in 2017, and we had okay weather. But this time we could take turns in ploughing the way to what we thought was the summit. The weather had really poor visibility up there. Is this really the summit I though? The GPS said 8047 m but then again, GPS watches can be wrong. When I got back home Eberhard Jurgalski contacted me and we started comparing the pictures/video we had and we realised, damit, we were on a fore summit and not the main summit! The evidence was convincing. We were about 17 vertical meters off. I pulled back my claim of reaching the summit. No other climber abandoned their summit claim despite the obvious truth. You can lie to an entire world, but I recon you cannot lie to yourself. I believe in honesty and the truth. I don’t want to train 20 h/week devoting my life to climbing living in an illusion. If I suck I want to know it so I can improve myself. If I’m great than I want to know what makes me great so I can judge wither the compliment is justified or just cheesy words. If I climb to 8047 m altitude then I want to have the evidence that I have reached 8047 m end of line. Therefore, I’m going back to Broad Peak this summer. My third attempt. And this time I’ll try to stay off the poor visibility days (which are notorious in Karakorum). Can’t wait to get back!”

Photo Courtesy: Fredrik Strang

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