The marvels of cycling through Gilgit Baltistan

Unlike the fast travellers who jump from one point to another, cyclists with every pedal stroke connect all the places between their point of departure and their point of arrival – places one would never stop at if you were travelling faster. You are exposed to absolutely everything and find a quiet joy in immersing yourself in the most ordinary ways of life. Travelling through cycle in the rendezvous of Karakoram, Himalaya and Hindus Kush is an authentic sensual experience: not only do you move through places but places move through you.

Four cyclists Heinz Egli, Fritz Gross, Marco Foehn, and Rudolf Niggli Johnannes hailing from Switzerland are currently doing something what other only dream of! The cyclists reached Islamabad on 30th March, 2018 and started their cycling journey from historic Khaplu town, on 1st April 2018 to their ultimate destination Khunjrab Pass at an altitude of 16,200 ft.

Mountain biking in a group is a kind of fresh initiative taken up by any tour operating agency in Pakistan. Baltistan Tours Pakistan is a well – established, reliable and competitively priced Trekking & Tours Organization that has been in operation for the last 30 years. During this period they have organized Trekking Tour and expeditions for some of the most famous personalities in Karakoram climbing in Pakistan. Baltistan tours offers a wide range of programs to suit all tastes and pockets including Treks, Trekking Peaks , Mountaineering Expeditions, Mountain Biking, Rafting, Hunting, Jeep Safaris, Culture tours and Archaeological Tours and Holiday packages for students, old citizen and families, in Pakistan. For this foreign cyclist group they arranged not only all the routine logistics but additional reserve cycles in case any cycle goes out of order and availability of a cycling technician all along the route as well.

Swiss cyclists took off a few days ago from Khaplu and after being on roads for three days,  they reached Gilgit and tomorrow they will resume their journey for Hunza and then towards Khunjrab Pass. Gilgit Baltistan is a great destination for mountain cycling. Riding a cycle across the highest snow-capped mountains and along with beautiful valleys make ride worth remembering throughout one’s life, the journey also provides the chance to experience the local culture while you are cycling through the region.

The patch between Sost and Khunjrab Pass will be an extreme test for these cyclists,  once there will be sharp elevation gain of about 2000 meters; with light headwinds and the high altitude it could be a daunting challenge. But for surely, this 10 day cycling tour from the eastern banks of the Shyok River and passing through lush green valleys, the massive snowcapped mountains, the eastern bank of the mighty Indus, Karakoram Highway, Rakaposhi, Attabad lake, Passu Galcier and the biodiversity of Khunjrab National Park will make this journey an unforgettable experience.

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