Climbing beyond camp 4 on K2 is challenging: Alex Texikon

A fifteen member Spanish team reached Askole village today and tomorrow they will start their long trek to K2. Kazakh/Russian/Kyrgyz team, slight ahead, already on their trek to K2, today they are supposed to reach Piju camp site in Central Karakoram National Park. Both the teams may require 6 to 7 days to reach K2 base camp. Askole is a remote village in Karakoram mountains at 3040 meters asl and launching pad before entering to wilderness of the high Karakorams, the gate way to K2, G-I, G-II and Broad Peak.

The team leader of Spanish expedition Alex Texikon while speaking with Spanish media said, “We can reach camp 4 on K2 but from there it all depends on weather and snow conditions. From C 4 we’ll see how the circumstances are to attack the summit. The fear is there, but it’s not bad. It keeps you alert and active. ”

In the Alex team there are 4 female Spanish trekkers and Nepalese Sherpas as well. They will be accompanied by 70 porters to carry loads and luggage to base camp. Earlier Kazakh/Russian/Kyrgyz team left Askole with 45 porters.


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