Daniele Nardi at Camp 3 of Nanga Parbat

Daniele Nardi’s team managed to reach the 5,712 meters at the beginning of Mummery Spur, where they set up their camp 3. Today they will return to base camp for a well reserved rest and then from Nardi we will be able to know more precisely the conditions of the difficult chosen new route. According to sport website running gazzetta they had conversation with Nardi through satellite phone “I am very happy with the work done so far.We are proceeding well, the group is close together in a few days we have already done a great job on the mountain. It has been a wonderful day, we are doing a good team work, and we are very tired but very happy “.

Daniele spent last night at camp 3 “It will be a difficult night, it is very very cold and there is a great wind. We placed the tent in a crevasse, the only place possible after the evaluations done on the glacier.”

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